Leash x Evil, analysis Make us think about justice


A romantic adventure framed in a suspenseful story that will make us reflect on institutional justice. Living a love story is one of the most vibrant adventures we can experience.

We may not face arch-powerful dragons or have to save the planet. Or maybe yes, side by side with the person we love. But love adds a very special force to the narrative and also creates a very emotional bond with the player. Thus, the romantic genre exploits the fantasy of living a story of epic passion, with the growth of that feeling among lovers, their difficulties and most ardent moments. In video games, we see how dating simulators appeal to the desire to have multiple suitors to choose from, providing an incentive to experience another match with another choice. In other genres such as role playing, love subplots are incorporated that we can explore, as is the case with Dragon Age or The Witcher. In a more specialized branch, we have the otomes, romantic narrative adventures for young girls. Within this classification, we have Collar X Malice (Otomate, Idea Factory), launched in 2016 for Android AND PlayStation Vita, and that since last August we can enjoy on Nintendo Switch.

Under the yoke of Adonis

Otomate, specialized in the development of otomes, proposes a visual novel that proposes the traditional romantic dynamics typical of shojo, but with a background of a mature thriller and loaded with a daring social criticism against the judicial system in Japan. We are in Shinjuku, the most important commercial and administrative district of Tokyo. However, here it is stripped of its usual glamor of neon lights and nightlife. The area is in a prolonged quarantine due to the threat of the terrorist group Adonis, which has started the countdown to the so-called X-Day, the date set for a revolution that will begin the judicial purge of Japan.


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