Learn to Wrap Gifts Quickly: YouTube Apps


When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts and the Three Wise Men, there is nothing more convenient than asking to have the items wrapped in the store, website or shopping center where we bought them. And although sometimes they have a small extra cost, on websites like Amazon they send them wrapped and with the message you want to add on a card.

Learn to wrap gifts

But sometimes we have to do it ourselves, either because we feel like it or because the task has fallen on us and the family has left us packages, rolls of gift paper like those from Mercadona or the € 1 Chinese and adhesive tape. Do you need help? Well, here are a few websites to visit and have open while you learn the technique.

The basic technique

We know that Google is full of websites that show you fabulous Origami-type creations with all kinds of materials. But before you become Edgar Degas of the wrap, first of all is to learn the fundamentals, the basic technique. In WikiHow we have a first lesson divided into images and videos that teach you the two techniques that are usually used:

The first is easier to learn, the second requires a bit more practice but its result is very curious. So one week before Christmas and two and a half after Reyes, you have time to practice at home, since the worst thing that can happen to a wrap is that we do it in a hurry because it is January 5 at dawn and they close our eyes.

In 15 seconds

The Takashimaya store in Japan is known for its employees being able to wrap a gift in no more than 15 seconds. In this video you can see the technique and the incredible speed of the employee, although if you look closely, it is simple in itself and requires just two folds and two strips of adhesive tape. In this other video they teach you in a slower way and step by step how to do it, so you can do the following:


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