Learn to use the ‘Renaissance app’ in simple steps


The Portrait AI app has attracted people’s attention on the internet for being able to transform simple everyday photos into Renaissance paintings. Fun with it is guaranteed, since it is possible to reimagine several poses from the cell phone gallery with an artistic and even refined touch. However, it is worth remembering that the application is available for free only for the iOS system of iPhones.

Renaissance Avatar

To create the images with that Renaissance touch, the application uses artificial intelligence. Thus, from the photos taken by the users, it is possible to simulate the drawings according to the information he has about the referred artistic movement. Most people have been taking selfies that later turn into works of art. Interesting, isn’t it?

At the end of the entire transformation process, it is possible to save all the images taken and redesigned in the cell phone photo gallery. From there, you can share them all over social media, just like many other people have recently done.

But how to use the app and make a real contemporary work of art with touches of the modern era? Follow all the steps in this tutorial and take advantage of all the features of Portrait AI to be the new Leonardo da Vinci.

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How to turn photos into Renaissance works

First of all, visit the App Store on your phone. There, search for Portrait AI and download it. When finished, open the application. It is not necessary to create an account from it. The application will likely ask for your authorization to access the camera on your phone. In that case, just authorize and continue with the fun.


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