Learn to download music from Spotify fast and easy


Spotify users can download music from their mobile device so that when they listen to it they don’t waste their data

Spotify offers a large number of options that are really attractive such as being able to listen to music simultaneously with your family or friends and even the ability to create a playlist for your pet, these would be some examples, although it can be used with other functions.

You have to consider that one of the most interesting features is the possibility of downloading music from Spotify so that you don’t waste your data on your mobile device and don’t overpay the bill for the month.

As a first step you should make sure you have the option “Download via mobile network” disabled so that only Spotify downloads music when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is an option that is normally disabled, but it always ends up being better safe than sorry.

How to download music from Spotify

If you want to download music on Spotify and use the offline mode so as not to waste data on your mobile device, you just have to follow these simple steps:

As mentioned above, first make sure that the Download via mobile network option is disabled by going to Settings (gear symbol) and then Music quality.
Then go to the disk you want to download and press the Download button that is shaped like a downward arrow within a circle.
Once you have downloaded the music, go to Settings, then Playback and enable the Offline option so that only the songs that you have saved on your cell phone can be played and does not consume data.

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When you perform these simple steps, you will already have the knowledge of how to download music from Spotify easily and quickly to save data on your mobile device. You must be aware that the only limit is set by the memory of your smartphone, so you can save what you need for your daily routine and you will have the option to delete and download different music when you need it.


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