Learn tips for safe driving in the rain



Driving in the rain is very risky, therefore much more attention must be paid when driving in these conditions.

Rain is a climatic condition that, although it brings benefits for the environment, specifically in cities, causes havoc such as: floods, mudslides and in us, stress and even fear of being stranded in the middle of a road chaos.

So here we have put together some tips that can be of great help when driving in the rain.

  • While driving do not forget
  • It decreases the velocity
  • Use the security belt
  • Handled with caution
  • Avoid using the cell phone
  • Keep your distance

Apply these precautions when driving in the rain

  • Speed ​​down. under these conditions it is advisable to go a little slower so that at the time of an unexpected reaction you can be prudent and safe.
  • Visibility: Driving with your lights on is recommended to improve visibility and help other vehicles see you.
  • Braking: Braking varies and with the rain and you can lose your grip on the asphalt, periodically adjust the vehicle’s brakes and the emergency brake.
  • Safety distance: When driving in the rain you must keep more distance, the braking response is very different and you must be alert for any strange reaction from the car.

We must not forget that the floor and the way the car reacts are not the same when it is raining.

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