Learn the theories about why Jamie can’t time travel


The Outlander series has revealed that not only Claire, but several others like Geillis, Brianna, and Roger McKenzie are capable of time travel. But there has been no indication that Jamie can travel through time.

This despite the fact that a specter who looks just like him, in his Scottish Highlander outfit, was seen staring at Claire on a dark and rainy Outlander night. Here are some theories that ponder whether or not Jamie can time travel.

The different timeline

One Outlander theory indicates that the events of the two centuries are happening on two different timelines. This theory suggests that the presence of Jamie’s ghost in the 20th century was the catalyst for the rest of the events that followed.

Which allowed Claire to go through the stones at Craig na Dun and essentially unlock a completely different timeline that Jamie continues on. live even after Culloden in Outlander.

Time travel is genetic

One theory that seems true is that time travel in the Outlander universe is governed by genetics, this would explain why Brianna can walk through the stones. But Jamie couldn’t do the same because no one in his family had experienced this phenomenon.

Jamie’s already dead

An Outlander theory suggests that Jamie didn’t go through the stones, but the ghost of him could have taken advantage of the Samhain festival and traversed time without having to rely on the stones.

Jamie could have already been dead or at least close to death before Claire traveled back, and her ghost could have sought her out to summon her back to the past so that she could return and help him survive in Outlander.

This theory assumes that Jamie had, in fact, been killed in the redcoat attack that dislocated his arm, which was seen Claire returning to her place when she first met him on Outlander.


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