Learn the story of BTS creator Bang Si Hyuk


Musician Bang Si Hyuk is unique, he celebrates his birthday by learning more about his history and work with BTS.

Bang Si Hyuk, better known as Hitman Bang or Bangtan PD is the founder and co-director of the K-pop company Big Hit Entertainment, who represents artists such as: TXT and BTS, we invite you to learn more about their personality, career and fun facts below.

The musician was born on August 9, 1972 in South Korea, his father was a famous public servant who opposed Hitman Bang’s desire to be a musician and start his own company.

Bangtan PD attended Seoul National University and studied Aesthetics, a science that explores beauty, art, its impact on the social and cultural world, there he met the first bases of what would later become BTS.

After graduating he began writing for Park Jin Young, founder of the JYP Entertainment company, Bang Si Hyuk worked for a time at the company as a songwriter, arranger, and producer.

Bang Si Hyuk wrote tracks for groups like Wonder Girls, g.od. Rain, TEEN TOP, 2AM, and Baek Jiyoung. In 2005 he parted ways with JYP to pursue his dream of creating his own entertainment company.

Bangtan PD planned several releases under Big Hit Entertainment, such as a girl group called GLAM, but in 2013 their first star project would arrive, the debut of the 7 boys of BTS.

The Bangtan Boys have received recognition, breaking any barrier like language or distance, so the person behind the music, stories, merchandise, and successful collaborations is Hitman Bang.

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