Learn the arcs of the anime that made it to Netflix


One Piece is one of the most famous animes ever released – and also one of the greatest in number of episodes. Since 1999, when it debuted, until today, viewers can check out the adventures of Luffy and his group, also known as the Straw Hat Crew.

Recently, the anime was added to the Netflix catalog. But until the next season comes to streaming, there are many episodes to be checked there.

The first season of One Piece has 61 episodes and they are all divided into different arcs, with different stories between them. Even though the narrative follows a certain progression and presentation of characters, each arc has particular nuances.

In this list, we’ll see what we can watch in each arc of the series, as well as what we can expect with the new episodes.

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Romance Dawn

The 1st season is known as the East Blue Saga. In these first episodes, we met Monkey D. Luffy, the main character, in addition to his ambitions, desires and desires. The aspiring pirate wishes to become the king of the pirates, in pursuit of the conquest of One Piece. In this arc, we also know the swordsman Roronoa Zoro and the smart navigator Nami.

Orange town

From the arrival of these two characters mentioned above, the anime bets on the development of Luffy’s past, with his mentor Shanks, the Red – a story that comes and goes back to the character’s plot. In addition, villains are being added and one of the coolest is Buggy, the Clown.

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In this arc, the public knows a little more about Akumas no Mi (demonic and also magical fruits that provide powers to those who eat them).

Syrup Village

From this arc, we get to know the character Usopp better, which is introduced right in episode 9. In that first moment, nobody in Syrup Village takes what Usopp speaks seriously. The liar’s maxims are explored during the presentation of these episodes, as when something important happens and nobody believes.

It is during this arc that the audience meets the eccentric Jango, the Hypnotist, and the almost invincible villain Captain Kuro. The arc ends in episode 18.


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