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Last Sunday (25), the miniseries The Undoing debuted on HBO, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. The production developed by David E. Kelley is based on the novel You Should Have Known, written by Jean Hanff Korelitz.

The plot bets on the family conflicts of Grace Fraser (played by Kidman) and her husband Jonathan (by Hugh Grant). She is a renowned therapist among New York’s financial elite and he is an oncologist at the top of his profession. The two are parents to Henry (Noah Jupe), a boy who studies at an important private school in Manhattan.

Even after a few decades of marriage, which could cool many relationships, the two seem to be deeply in love and attracted to each other. However, the arrival of Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis), mother of a scholarship student at Henry’s school, poses some dangerous questions at stake. She is brought by a powerful executive to the group of mothers from the school and starts to approach Grace.

The day after an important event organized by the group, however, Grace receives the news that Elena was found dead by her son in the art studio where she worked. In addition to the initial shock, Grace ends up being interrogated continuously and tries to communicate with her husband, who the night before had left earlier. Grace’s discoveries make her mind bubble in making assumptions.

The Undoing: mysteries and conflicts mark the debut of the new HBO miniseries
The idea of ​​The Undoing may seem at first to hit, since we are talking about showing very rich characters having to deal with the masks of their surroundings falling all the time.

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The disappointment and rottenness that these groups have is evident from the beginning in the miniseries, which draws the attention of the viewer, showing that the script and the production will not touch anyone’s head – not even their protagonist, who even so she is just a good-hearted woman, who also acts a lot due to her profession as a therapist.

Obviously, the initial tension caused by the arrival of the character Elena and the developments about what happens to her are strong points of the episode, which also shows how the Fraser family increasingly calls the authorities’ attention to the possible involvement of Jonathan in the murder of Elena.

Another point that draws attention in the atmosphere of the miniseries is the articulation built on the relationships of the characters. We see a lot about the character of each one, showing their imperfections, strengths and also what motivates them to move forward.

It is noteworthy to note how Elena begins to participate in the group of school mothers and also how all the characters seem to want to gossip about the lives of others at all times.

It is also worth mentioning, amid the questions of the script, the brilliant performances of the cast, which show the necessary narrative force for the continuity of the story. In this way, the next episodes can certainly maintain the good level of execution shown in the premiere.

What did you think of the first episode of The Undoing on HBO? The next one will be shown on Sunday, November 1st, on the channel’s prime strip. Don’t miss out!


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