Learn more about the DualSense controller for PS5


The launch of the new Sony console brought with it numerous new features, and everything indicates that from now on the gamer community will be even more surprised.

Along with the Playstation 5, Sony also launched some extra equipment, and the highlight of the story is the DualSense control. The controller arrived with a modern design, following the same line as the console, and has retained some features of past generations.

See below the main details of DualSense for PS5.

Identity in design and comfort

At first, many players used to the old Dual Shock were surprised by the name change on the new device, but as its features were introduced, the name DualSense started to make perfect sense.

The new controller has a design that matches that of the compatible console, now all coated in a white color and in a super comfortable material.

Its identity brings old features back, such as input for headsets, USB charging with integrated battery, built-in speaker, touchscreen panel and motion sensor. But all in an improved way.

As a novelty, the control now has a button to mute the microphone and “Create” instead of “Share”, with more options for transmitting and producing content.


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