Learn more about GOT7 Youngjae’s birthday today


Ahgase is already celebrating Youngjae’s birthday, join the celebration by learning more about his career and history.

Knowing the history of K-Pop idols always leads us to admire them a little more and discover extra reasons to support them. Today is a special day for GOT7 and their fans, since Youngjae is celebrating his 24th birthday, for that reason we invite you to discover how this idol became a star.

Choi Youngjae was born in Mokpo, South Korea on September 17, 1996, this idol lived a large part of his life in that province, but from a very young age he discovered his interest in music and singing.

Youngjae dreamed of becoming a talented singer, so he decided that he should take classes that would help him improve, but because his parents couldn’t afford it, he worked to get the money to allow him to continue pursuing his dream.

JYP Entertainment held a closed audition at the academy Youngjae attended to improve his singing, which gave him an opportunity to test his skills and become a trainee for this company.

This singer signed his contract with JYP Entertainment and moved to Seoul to train since 2013, but thanks to his skills he only had to train for 7 months before debuting, joining the list of idols who have had a short stint as trainees.

In 2014, Youngjae would debut alongside GOT7, forming part of the group’s vocal line. Since then, he has shown his talent as a singer, dancer and composer, participating in the creative process of various melodies.

This idol also releases music independently through his Soundcloud account under the name ARS, a title he uses for his role as a composer.

Youngjae has participated in the OST performance for some dramas. This idol is distinguished by his high notes, his power to convey emotions through singing, his unique smile and his laugh full of joy.

He has also shown his love for animals on various occasions, he is in charge of a little dog named Coco whom he considers a great friend, but he has also joined projects to support homeless dogs. Currently, Youngjae is a DJ on the Idol Radio show alongside Day6’s Young K, with whom he has formed a cute friendship.

For these reasons, GOT7 fans have prepared messages and projects to show their love, support and admiration for this talented vocalist and celebrate his birthday, have you already congratulated him?

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