Learn Korean With BTS, the group will release books


“Learn Korean with BTS”, they will teach you Korean through books, so you can communicate with them. “Dynamite” comes with many surprises up its sleeve, the group is not only preparing the release of their new single, but is also revealing a series of projects such as the TinyTan, as well as its own language course.

Some time ago, as part of their K-pop offering stemming from their popularity, the idol group released “Learn Korean with BTS,” a series of episodes that aired through Weverse that contained videos of the boys and their reality show. to teach you the basics of the language.

This project has been modified and now, in addition to videos, you can also buy books that will help you with the Korean language; The first teaser has already been revealed and it is an adorable animation that represents any ARMY.

In the video that was posted on the official BigHit Education Twitter account, an animated clip is shown where a girl is in him room when a BTS broadcast begins; however, he cannot understand anything they say.

The teaser is accompanied by the message “I don’t know what you’re saying, but I can only send you hearts”, does that sound familiar? When the boys publish a video on VLive, a post on Weverse and Twitter, or at the concerts we don’t understand anything, but they have the solution.

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“Learn Korean with BTS” will release a book collection on August 24, no further details are revealed about it yet, but ARMY is excited to get to know the language with a new method: reading.


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