Learn how to use Booyah !, live application for Free Fire


Booyah! is a live streaming service developed by the company Garena for the game Free Fire. Through it, it is possible to watch other creators, as well as create a channel to transmit their own gameplays. The platform also allows the integration and sharing of videos with other services, such as Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. In addition, it hosts events and offers logon bonuses for the popular Mobile Battle Royale.


With Booyah !, users can upload the best moves. To do so, just activate the voice command “Ok, Booyah” on the cell phone, and the program will record the last seconds of the transmission. The service also compiles highlights excerpts at the end of each match, which can be published later. If you want to know more about the service and how to use it, check out the information below.

How did Booyah come about?

Booyah! was created as a streaming service aimed at Free Fire, famous Battle Royale in the style of Fortinite, PUBG, Apex Legends, among others. The platform, it is worth mentioning, is compatible with these and other games but, in this case, it requires the use of third-party programs for transmission, such as OBS and XSplit.

In general, Booyah! works similarly to Twitch and Nimo. And, currently, it is possible to use the platform on the computer, iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and on Android devices. In addition, FreeFire itself has native compatibility.

How to watch broadcasts?

The service works in a very intuitive way and, to watch broadcasts, the user can use three alternatives, already available on the home page:

Start: which has a set of transmissions offered by the platform itself;
Search: which allows you to search for the name of a specific streamer;
Following: which displays only accounts that the user already follows.
There is yet another way to find transmissions. Just enter the “Channels in High” section, also on the home page, which allows you to filter content by: Pro Player videos (with professional players), funny content, colabs, “talkative” (which includes live chat and other games) .


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