Learn how to track orders on Wish!


Wish is one of the most used sites by Brazilians for online shopping, especially during the pandemic period, where sales increased 13% in the country. To assist consumers with the status of order delivery, the online store itself has a tracking system where you can track the status of your orders.

TecMundo brings you step by step to track your purchases through the company’s website and the store’s official app. Check out:

Tracking through the Wish website

The first step is to access the official Wish.com website and log in to your account. Then, go to the “Order History” option

A list with the purchased item will appear. If you have purchased more than one product, each of them will have a message box on the right labeled “Item Details”. Click on it to see the status of each one.

The next window will show detailed information about the product, such as delivery forecast and where it is currently located. It will also show the “Tracking Number” of the order (as shown in the image). Select and copy the code. Then access the option “Carrier website”.

On the carrier’s website, your code should automatically appear inside the text box. If not, on the previous screen, copy, and paste the code in the text box. Then go to the “Search” option.


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