Learn how to keep your YouTube channel safe


This Tuesday (09) is remembered the International Safe Internet Day. To help ensure that content producers are safe, YouTube has released a guide with tips for keeping accounts safe.

The site recalled that it is constantly working on updates and improvements to serve the community. To help youtubers, the brand’s Operations Manager, Abner Almeida, commented on four safety tips. Check out the recommendations below.

Two-step verification

The first tip is regarding the two-step verification. YouTube offers this system from security keys, requests from Google and Google Authenticator, an application that generates random passwords.

“Security keys are a stronger verification option, as they help prevent phishing techniques that use text message codes,” says Abner.

Set channel permissions

Medium and large content producers typically have people to help with channel administration and management. The functions are separated by categories: the Administrator can add or remove users and change details on the channel, while the Editor is allowed to edit information.

In addition to the two, there is also the function of Limited Spectator. This type of user can view the information, but does not have the power to change anything except revenue data.

“Adding access to the channel is more secure than sharing the password and allows the account owner to share only the necessary access. The more users have access to the same username and password, the more points of vulnerability you can have ”, says YouTube Operations Manager.


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