Learn how to find games in our language on Xbox


The Xbox Store and the Xbox Game Pass app now allow you to view the available languages ​​for a given game. Microsoft announced in an official note that it has already updated the language tag for hundreds of games to facilitate searches here in the country, and that soon its entire catalog will have complete information.

With that, you can now find out, before purchasing a game, if it has support for Brazilian Portuguese, such as audio (dubbed) and subtitles in our language. Tecmundo teaches you to view this information, check it out:

Viewing language information

The first step is to access your console’s Xbox Store. Then, in the initial part of the online store, select the desired title.

As soon as the game has been marked, it is already possible to check if it has the language information with the available quantity. It is worth remembering again that, as stated above, so far not all games have this information, so if it does not appear at the time of selection, the game has not yet had its data updated.

Now press the “A” button to see more information about the game. Then, go to the “Details” page. There, various information about the game is presented, such as its synopsis, genre, how many GB of storage it occupies, for which platforms it is available, etc.


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