Learn How To Duet On TikTok


TikTok, a social video network that rocked in Brazil, has a number of well-known features, including Dueto. This tool literally allows you to duet with another user’s post. Thus, it is possible to perform dubbing, choreographies or even sing alongside an original video, which will be shown in a synchronized way.

Like other popular TikTok features, Duet was “imitated” by Instagram — which eventually turned out to be a testament to success. We at TecMundo have already taught how to use the resource in Reels. Now, we’ll explain how you can duet with other videos on the Chinese social network.

TikTok: How to make a duet?

The process for creating a duet is actually quite simple. Check out what you need to do in the walkthrough below:

Step 1: Open TikTok and identify the video you want to duet with. Click the arrow icon (Share) and then “Duet”;

Step 2: With this action, the screen will be split between the original video and the image from your camera. When the original video ends, yours will also be finished. This way, both will have the same duration;

Step 3: Tap the record button and make your video. Customize the duet as you like, inserting texts, stickers, filters or other effects available in TikTok;

Step 4: Then click on the “Next” button. Here, you can write a subtitle for your video, putting hashtags, tagging friends and defining who can see your duet;

Step 5: After finishing the post, click on “Publish”.

In addition to the aforementioned details, it is possible to adjust the video speed, program a timer to start recording, and even use the beauty mode. User can take video with front or rear camera by switching through the “Invert” button on the right side. After recording, the app allows you to change the filters, adjust the voiceover and the duet speed.

Although the tool was initially designed for the creation of amateur voiceovers, in the end, it is the user’s creativity that will dictate its purpose. As already mentioned, it is possible to sing songs alongside artists, simulate funny dialogues, perform the famous platform dances alongside someone else and much more.


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