Learn How To Delete Telegram Messages


Telegram is an instant messenger that brings a lot of extra features compared to Whatsapp. Among them, the option to permanently delete messages and even schedule them to be deleted from time to time, whether in conversation with a specific contact, or even in a group.

Today TecMundo teaches you to delete messages, the conversation history, and to program the Auto-delete feature from time to time what was sent and received in a chat window. Check out:

How to delete a sent message

1. Open Telegram and select the contact or group you want to delete the message;

2. On the chat screen, press your finger over the message you want to delete;

3. Then press the “Delete” option;

4. A prompt will ask if you want to delete the message just for yourself or also for the contact or group sent;

5. Choose the desired option and that’s it, the message will be deleted.


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