Learn How To Create A Google Forms Form From Smartphone


Google Forms is a free application that allows you to create custom forms for applying surveys and questionnaires. The tool can be used for professional or study purposes, and can be used to collect feedback, register for events, gather data for a survey and even apply online tests.

Like Google Meet, the service has wide compatibility and can be used in Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers. Accessing and creating the forms is done from computers and can also be easily performed through smartphones, both Android and iPhone devices.

See how to create a Google Forms form from your mobile.

1. Access to Google Forms

In your favorite browser, type “forms.google.com” into the address bar and tap “Go”. If you are not logged in to Google services, a login and password will be required to proceed. If you don’t have a Google account yet, you’ll need to create one.

2. Basic form settings

After logging in, a new form will automatically open. You will need to add basic information such as a title and a simple description to let users know what the purpose of the form is.

At the top of the screen, by tapping the paint palette icon, you can select theme, background, and font style colors. If you prefer, you can add an image in the header. So, when you finish the basic settings, just tap apply.


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