Learn How To Clear Cache In Google Chrome, Firefox And Safari


Cache: Whether on your computer or on your mobile device, it is common for the browser to store small files capable of speeding up your browsing (such as preferences and ad data) or even images and other data to make browsing faster — and these are the famous cookies and cache, respectively.

From time to time, it is recommended that you clean both cookies and cache to optimize your browsing, so we list below some tips on how to do this in the main browsers available on the market (Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

How to clear Google Chrome cache?

To clear your cache in the Gigante das Buscas browser, just follow the procedures below:

In the navigation window, click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner and then on “Settings”.
On the next screen, find the option “Privacy and Security” in the options on the left and then scroll down until you find the option “Clear browsing data”.
In the “Basics” tab, you can select “Cookies and other website data” for cookies (the “Time interval” option allows you to select the period in which they will be deleted) and “Images and files stored in cache” for the cache.
Finally, just click on “Clear data” to complete the entire process.

Clearing the cache in Firefox

As in Chrome, click on the menu that appears in the upper right corner and select “Preferences”.
Access the “Privacy and Security” tab, then access “Site Data” and click on “Settings”.
The next step is to select the pages you want to clean and click “Remove All”. If you want to clear the cache, select “Web Content Cache” (or both) and then click “Clear Now” to complete the process.

How to clear cache in Safari

For data cleaning in Safari, just do the following:

Find Safari on the top bar, click on “Preferences” and then on the “Privacy” tab.
In the “Cookies and website data” area, select whether you want to allow you to always store cookies and then “Manage website data” to inform which cookies you want to eliminate.
If you want to clear all cookies, you have the option to click “Remove All” and then “Ok” to finish the process.
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