Learn how to draw artwork with Adobe Animate


Content creators need tools that meet different needs, and Adobe’s Animate is one of those solutions. With it, it is possible to create interactive animations for various platforms, such as games, TV shows and the web. The variation of formats allows reaching a very wide audience.

Animate has advanced illustration and animation resources. Creating game environments and developing startup screens are just a few of the possibilities – ranging from augmented reality experiences to design and programming work right in the app. If you need something to learn how to draw, it is also a great option to develop.

What’s New in Adobe Animate

  • Fluid brushes: new vector brushes in all types of styles.
  • Transparencies: creation of animation frames directly over the previous ones.
  • Infographics: creating animated graphics.
  • Parent layer feature: simplified tool for structuring and modifying animated characters.
  • Varied possibilitie

New features are released regularly and you can access them directly from Creative Cloud. This way, you can improve your experience for creating content and optimizing results. See what Animate offers:

Creation of animated characters: live brushes from Adobe Fresco mix like the real ones. Make your works flash, talk and walk with a simple frame-by-frame animation. In addition, it is possible to develop interactive web banners that respond to user interactions.

Multiple platforms: export your animations to multiple platforms, including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash / Adobe AIR and custom platforms, such as SVG. You can include code in your projects and add actions without programming.

How to purchase Adobe Animate
You can access all these features by subscribing to the Creative Cloud, including taking advantage of the features of various applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and Adobe XD, among others.

Create GIFs, make videos and unleash your creativity. With Creative Cloud, you guarantee all the necessary resources to enter the world of creation head on.


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