Learn about BTS’s birth flowers and their meanings


You will not believe with which the personality of your bias is associated. Within some Asian cultures , it is very important to associate nature with humans, since they consider that within the same world, the connection is very strong .

The date of birth of each person is attributed different elements that make up the flora and fauna, as well as the Chinese calendar, which associates with different animals, are divided by year, within its cosmogony is very important.

The flowers are one of the fruits of nature is that they are a symbol that reflects your personality , is better known as ‘birth flower ‘, thanks to the vast number of species, each day, each month in the year, you get a flower .

This time we tell which is the flower of birth of each of the members of BTS :

The birth flower of Jin is the Rumex , which is associated with the great affection that will always put that person in making the hyung of the group was born on December 4, 1992 .

The birth flower of Hoseok is the Buttercup and represents an innocent man, is also known for being the flower of winter, the rapper of BTS was born on February 18, 1994.

The flower of birth of Jungkook is tiger flower , also known as ‘tigridia pavonia’ only blooms once one day, He was born in September 1, 1997.

The birth flower of Suga is the Larch and are attributed to this courageous and outstanding personality, rapper BTS was born on March 9, 1993.

The birth flower of Namjoon is the clematis , which is credited with the perfect balance between the beauty of the heart and mind, the leader of BTS was born on 1 September 2, 1994.

The birth flower of Tae is the Calicanto Carolina or Calycanthus floridus, attributed characteristics such as loyalty and charity , singer BTS was born on December 30, 1995.

The birth flower of Jimin is the Spirea , is known as the ‘Little Princess’ and reflects pure beauty, BTS singer was born on October 13, 1995.


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