Learn about the activities that BTS planned for FESTA 2020


BTS is currently preparing for FESTA 2020, the annual anniversary celebration as a group that will bring joy to ARMYs around the world. For this, the members of BTS will be part of some special events that they will show their fans and, the programming of these activities has already been revealed by Big Hit Entertainment.

As you know, the FESTA celebration lasts for several days and involves launches of different types, but as they are surprises that BTS has prepared, every day is full of excitement for the fans.

Due to the diversity of premieres, it is not a single platform that you should keep an eye on as each activity will seek to surprise fans from different channels. For now, BTS’s Twitter account has already released the list of events that were planned for this celebration.

Below you can find out some details about what you and all BTS fans will see soon and, although the planned events do not have an accurate description, it helps us to get an idea about the premieres that we will see, as well as the duration of this special celebration.

June 1 – Opening ceremony

June 2 – BTS Seventh Anniversary Family Portrait

June 3 – Choreographic Video 1

June 4 – BTS Photo Collection 19/20

June 5 – Still With You

June 7 – BTS 2020 Profiles

June 8 – Choreographic Video 2

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June 9 – BTS 3 Units

June 10 – BTS 2020 Profiles

June 11 – MAP OF THE SONG: 7

June 12 – We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal

June 13 – Video

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