Learn about Mark Lee’s story and celebrate his birthday


NCT’s Mark is turning years, learning a little more about his career. Since his debut, Mark has demonstrated his multiple skills and talents, becoming an outstanding idol in the eyes of fans, but also for other musicians.

This idol works as a rapper, singer and dancer, demonstrating great potential in all three areas.

Although Mark is now a K-Pop star, he had to travel a path that would take him to his destination, today as this idol is celebrating his birthday, we invite you to remember a bit of his history.

Mark Lee was born on August 2, 1999 in Vancouver, Canada. Although his mother is Korean, his father is originally from the United States. When he was little, Mark wanted to become a science fiction writer, however, since his parents are musicians, he ended up becoming interested in that area.

It was in 2012 that his path in K-Pop began to chart, as Mark joined SM Entertainment’s global audition in Canada. This led to him being recruited by the company and moving to South Korea.

While at SM Entertainment, Mark was part of the SM Rookies project, but in addition, he demonstrated his great potential in each of the activities, which led him to stand out among the trainees, being recognized for his effort in 3 consecutive years.


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