Learn about BTS’s earnings and explore their fortunes


BTS, knows its economic value and the sum of its earnings in 2019. Learn about BTS’s earnings and discover some details of their fortune. Find out how much BTS earned in 2019 and how much the fortune of each of the members amounts .

BTS is one of the most famous male K-Pop bands in the world, the Bangtan Boys carry a message of acceptance and self-esteem through their music, which is inspired by different theories and books.

The Bangtan Boys are one of the representatives of a whole musical movement , K-pop is one of the most important phenomena in history, thanks to its fame and success they are a great economic spill for South Korea.

Celebrity Net Worth is a website that for 11 years informs the public about some calculations and estimates of the fortune or profits of celebrities worldwide, was founded by Brian Warner.

Recently, Celebrity Net Worth revealed an approximate report of the fortune that BTS generated in the year 2019 , they also spoke about the importance, the impact of the group formed by the 7 idols and their work as music stars .

According to Celebrity Net Worth , BTS obtained 170 million dollars in 2019, this amount represents only the profits from their world tour ‘Love Yourself Tour’ , the 7 idols of Big Hit Entertainment had presentations in countries like the United States, Thailand and Japan .


Now, the net worth of each of the BTS members is $ 12 million , thanks to their work on music , the stage, special collaborations with top marl and other projects.

Although these amounts are estimates , the members of BTS always show solidarity in social causes and ARMY follows suit by joining to donate to institutions, movements or instances to help the most vulnerable.

A few days ago, the band from Big Hit Entertainment released with great success ‘ Stay Gold’ , their first Japanese single of their next comeback in that language. Do you want to know what beautiful meaning the lyrics have ?, click here.

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