Leanne Rimes talks about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville: “We are connected”


Get to the best place. Leanne Rimes has opened up about her current relationship with Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, and it looks like the two have paved the way for a new beginning.

“We are connected through boys and we have a lot of respect for each other.”

The country singer’s past feud with the 49-year-old Glanville first made headlines in 2009. At the time, Us reported that Rimes and 48-year-old Cibrian had an affair after meeting on the set of “Northern Lights”. The graduate of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, who has two sons Mason, 18, and Jake, 15, from a graduate of Take Two, finalized her divorce from Cibrian in October 2010.

Rimes, for her part, broke up with her then-husband Dean Sheremet. After the wedding in 2011, the songwriter and Sunset Beach graduate found themselves in a public feud with Glanville for many years.

Later, the reality TV star said that the trio settled their differences after more than a decade of stormy communication. “I think our kids had a lot to do with it, because kids love it when we’re all together, and it’s so obvious. They are so happy. They’re frivolous little creatures,” Glanville said on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast in June 2021. “The truth is, Leanne and I get along really well.”

Walking the CMT red carpet on Monday, Rimes also reflected on the secret of her successful marriage. “Growth and support of each other in everything. I mean, we’re both like that, and he’s so patient, and I’m really, really grateful to him, really,” she said. “I’m going to start crying.”

The Mississippi native noted that her peaceful life with Cibrian is the main reason why they are not considering participating in another reality show. “Our life is so calm and we really, you know, we enjoy our life outside of all of this, and I think one of the proudest things for us as a couple is that we’ve built a life outside of business and it’s very calm,” Rhimes, who appeared in the short-lived VH1 series LeAnn & Eddie in 2014, shared with us. “We love peace of mind.”

The California native, for his part, had previously discussed “other genres” that would allow the couple to appear together in a TV project. “Maybe there’s something like HGTV or something like that, you know?” Cibrian said in the podcast “Watch with Us” in March 2021. “Maybe go help other people do certain things or something like that. Maybe come up with some ideas and create something.”

Rimes, however, is currently still focused on her music, preparing for the release of her new album God’s Work.

“I really looked at the duality of life — light and darkness in everything. And for me, knowing that everything works in all our interests, and all this is God’s work,” she explained on Monday. “It’s a powerful record. I think I touched on every emotion that you could feel in this record, and I think that’s a very broad word that I would use.”