Leaks postpone Elden Ring ads in March, insider says


Most likely fans will continue for a while without news about Elden Ring. According to insider Jeff Grubb, the game will have no revelations at the end of March because of leaks that happened last week.

In a video posted on YouTube last Tuesday (9), Grubb argued that “the leaks messed up everything”. He maintained that Bandai Namco is trying to understand how the content was revealed and “adjusting the message” of how the game will be explained to the public.

“There will be opportunities for the game to be revealed. If they don’t want to do it on their own and prefer to do it with a partner, Junho is not that far away and E3 is coming. I would say that I hope that something will be announced at E3 and no later than that ”, he justified.

The content producer reiterated that the title is indeed in progress and even apologized for “giving people hope”, since he himself said that the news would be released later this month.


Earlier this month, the Internet received new details about Elden Ring. The information, however, came in the form of leaks and not in an official manner. A supposed gameplay trailer with gameplay and a brief presentation was published by several sources on social networks. Trustworthy industry insiders even claimed that the material was true.

Although he did not comment on the matter, Grubb’s information suggests that, yes, the material was actually removed from production. Jason Schreier, one of the best-informed journalists on the market, has also argued that the game will have new information soon.

And you, were you upset with the fact that Elden Ring should not have news this month? Looking forward to checking out E3, which is due to take place in digital format in June? Tell us in the comments section below!


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