Leaks about Apple AirPods Studio become clear!


Clearer information about Apple’s awaited over-the-ear wireless headset continues to come. It has become clear that the device will come out under the name of AirPods Studio. Today, Apple AirPods Studio production location and details have been announced!

Apple AirPods Studio production location and details have become clear!
Apple was expected to appear with a wireless headphone model for a while. Details of the headset, which became clear with the name of AirPods Studio, continue to be clear. According to the new announcements, AirPods Studio started production in Vietnam.

While some of the company’s products, such as AirPods, are already produced in Vietnam, a brand new product will go from scratch for the first time in Vietnam. Production in many of Apple’s products started in China and then changed according to the demand of contracted manufacturers in other countries. This time a different policy will be followed.

The plan to switch to the production line in Vietnam is thought to be due to the increased tension between the USA and China. Also, iPhone production is expected to move to other regions such as Vietnam and India in a short time.

However, all of the production is not carried out at the moment in places such as Vietnam and India due to technical deficiency. Some parts of Apple AirPods Studio will still be produced in China. Apple is expected to make a new plan for this situation soon.

Apple’s manufacturers in Vietnam, Goertek and LuxShare, are also asking for more permission in this process. Companies that also manufacture some iPhone models are expecting to have more competence and permission, especially in production research, assembly, prototyping and development.

Apple AirPods Studio release date and price!
Not much detail is known about the device, which will feature popular features such as active noise canceling. However, due to the corona virus pandemic, WWDC 2020 event, which will be organized online, is expected to be introduced on June 22. Apple AirPods Pro also appears to be available with a price tag of $ 349.


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