Leaked The Matrix Awakens, A Mysterious Experience Based On Unreal Engine 5 For PS5


The Matrix: Some users have noticed the presence of an unannounced application under the name of the popular film series; What is it about? Matrix Resurrections, the fourth part of the famous Matrix film saga, will be released in theaters in just three weeks and the anticipation for Keanu Reeves’ new film grows by the moment. So much so, that recently we have been able to enjoy a new teaser, although alarms have been triggered in recent hours by the mysterious appearance of an application in the PS5 PS Store under the name of The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience .

Mysterious new Matrix content for PS5

Thus, nothing related to this supposed virtual experience called The Matrix Awakens has yet been officially announced; and it is that hardly any details of this new application are known that will presumably come to PS5 as an experience based on Unreal Engine 5, the newest and most powerful version of the well-known Epic Games graphics engine.

Beyond these data, nothing else is known about The Matrix Awakens, in addition to a kind of promotional illustration that shows us the skyline of a city with the logo and the typical features of the franchise in the form of greenish colors and lines of code around it. .

Be that as it may, it is unknown if it is a minor project related to the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections or is really the prelude to a more ambitious project. We will have to wait for the next few hours or days to receive some kind of official statement about this new “experience for Unreal Engine 5”.

Let’s remember that one of the last forays of the Matrix franchise in the world of video games was The Matrix Online, an MMORPG that would explain the absence of Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus in favor of a younger version of it.