Leaked Screenshots of gameplay Alone In The Dark Remake


THQ Nordic has long owned a treasure trove of intellectual property in the field of video games, having started a series of acquisitions almost five years ago. One of the IP addresses he’s holding onto was none other than Alone in the Dark, the ancestor of modern horror games, but it looks like he wasn’t just sitting around collecting dust.

Although there were rumors that THQ Nordic had been working on a new game Alone in the Dark for some time, this in itself was not too remarkable until The Snitch, a well-known leader, tweeted a potential link to the horror. the series just a few days ago. However, now the Belgian gaming website Smartoys seems to have leaked a whole bunch of screenshots from a potential remake of Alone in the Dark, as well as the corresponding PlayStation 5 cover.

Although the page is now closed, the description of the Smartoys name goes back to the story of the original, where Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood appear as playable characters. As fans expected, the scene is the Derceto estate in Louisiana, and the script of the game was written by Mikael Hedberg from SOMA and Amnesia. It’s also important to note that some have claimed that a new One in the Dark is being prepared, and this leak from Smartoys highlights the idea that the publisher may make an announcement in the near future.


Although any leak should be treated with a pinch of salt at hand, someone would have to go to any lengths to correctly time it to be a hoax. The fact that Smartoys deleted the page further confirms the idea that the acquisition of THQ Nordic Alone in the Dark IP will finally pay off. Since the previous installment of the franchise, Alone in the Dark: Illumination in 2015, was criticized and did not advance the story in any meaningful direction, it made sense for the new publisher to simply abandon everything and start over, which seems to be exactly what is happening here.

The list of everything owned by Embracer Group — the parent company of THQ Nordic, Plaion/Koch Media, Dark Horse Comics and others — has been steadily growing for many years. Some of its first investments took a long time to pay off, but the company is clearly set up for the long term. Leaked materials from Alone in the Dark suggest that this IP, in particular, could be the company’s next big announcement.

It was previously speculated that Embracer might be working on a game launcher that would presumably focus mainly on classic, legacy games. With remakes of old favorite games in the book, they can become Embracer’s trump card in promoting popularity in the gaming community. Judging by the leaks, the remake of Alone in the Dark may soon receive an official presentation, and it is possible that Embracer may also use this opportunity to announce its game client.

Rumor has it that Alone In The Dark is in development.


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