Leaked Microsoft keyboard with custom emoji button


Do you like communicating with emojis? It is certainly very practical to use the faces and other symbols when we are on WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and several other applications. The interface of keyboards for mobile devices made this type of communication intuitive, but on PCs the story is different.

Not so long ago, Microsoft implemented an interface for using emojis in compatible text fields, such as within Google Chrome and productivity applications. To recall the panel, just press Windows +. (dot), and then browse through all available options.

It is not yet the most practical way, but well, the company does seem to be wanting to change that.

The insider WalkingCat published images of a new keyboard not yet announced by the company, and well, in addition to being very reminiscent of the Surface Keyboard, it has a button that activates the emoji panel in Windows 10.

With a dedicated numeric keypad, the product brings as a shortcut to the emoji panel a button with a square design that is emptied by a heart. Although more spacious due to the presence of a NumPad, the product may displease those who like the more widely spaced arrow buttons. The layout adopts the not-so-loved 2-in-1 division for the “up” and “down” arrows.

Another possible detail to observe through the revealed images is that the F1 can serve as a shortcut to change the device connection with up to three devices.

It is not the first time that Microsoft would implement an emoji shortcut on a keyboard: last year, with the Ergonomic Keyboard 2019, we saw the button officially appear for the first time. The bet on more products like this shows the desire of the Redmond giant to bring this form of cell phone communication to the Windows ecosystem.

For now, there are few details involving the launch of this new keyboard, which for now only appears in leaks.

Remember, at the beginning of the month a beta update to WhatsApp brought a hundred new emojis.


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