Leaked; here is the iPhone 12 family and HomePod Mini


Evan Blass missed all the surprise for the iPhone 12 family, which will be officially launched tonight. Models emerged in terms of design. HomePod Mini was also leaked. As you know, the iPhone 12 family consists of four different models.

Here come 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Famous leak source Evan Blass has just introduced these models in all color options before the official launch. As you can see on the page, phones with slightly more rounded lines and angular sides such as the iPad Pro also adopt the notched design. Evan Blass has also unveiled the HomePod mini model, the HomePod Mini. The product, which adopts the round design as expected, comes in a very small structure and in two different colors, although the photos are not visible. The smart speaker with a touch screen on the top is trying to take its place on the shelves for 99 dollars. The prices of the HomePod Mini iPhone 12 family will be as follows;

  • 12 Mini: $ 649 for 64GB / $ 699 for 128GB / $ 799 for 256GB
  • 12: $ 749 for 64GB / $ 799 for 128GB / $ 899 for 256GB
  • 12 Pro: $ 999 for 128GB / $ 1,099 for 256GB / $ 1,299 for 512GB
  • 12 Pro Max: $ 1,099 for 128GB / $ 1,199 for 256GB / $ 1,399 for 512GB

When will the iPhone 12s be released? There is also new information about the release of iPhone 12 models, but of course, these are overseas dates for now. However, according to sound sources, the 12 and 12 Pro models in the new family will be available on October 23/24. 12 Mini is said to be obtained on 13/14 November and 12 Pro Max on 20/21 November.

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