Leaked full Xbox Series X report for next week


More leaks for Microsoft, the entire Xbox Series X report that had been planned for next week’s press conference revealed

Microsoft’s entire Xbox Series X report has been leaked online, revealing more details about the plan Microsoft originally had for the official presentation of its consoles, before the leaks forced it to confirm Xbox specifications, pricing and availability. Series S and Xbox Series X.

Twitter user Walking Cat (@ _h0x0d_) breaks the leaked report into four parts, featuring input from Xbox Director Phil Spencer, Liz Hamren (Director of Hardware and Platform Engineering), and Sarah Bond (Director of Partnerships and Ecosystems Xbox), interviewed by Cindy Walker, senior director of marketing for the Xbox platform.

This may well have been the event Microsoft had planned for next week, which had already been confirmed by Spencer previously. The report runs through information from the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X console that has now been revealed, including the Xbox Series S console itself, as well as the Xbox Series X launch date and price.

Interestingly, it’s titled Xbox Virtual Press Briefing, which might suggest that this would never be released to the public, but only to journalists.

The Microsoft press conference that will never come

Microsoft’s original plan was to follow the traditional approach and hold a press conference (virtual, due to the Coronavirus pandemic) to make all these announcements to the world. But since that didn’t happen, one can safely assume it was canceled, possibly because all the major announcements were public knowledge by then.

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The entire pre-recorded event is divided into four parts, and each part is available to view in its entirety. Rather than having a presenter on stage explain the features, the briefing is written in an interview format. All of the ads leaked during the past week are part of this event, but considerably less time is spent on your “smaller Xbox” and the unexpected collaboration with Electronic Arts.

Although the names of the two new consoles are now fairly straightforward, pronouncing them out loud and not getting confused between the two is a challenge. Several times the speaker is seen articulating the ‘S’ and ‘X’ in the names, thus bringing unintended humor to the mix.

For the uninitiated, the Xbox Series S promises 1440p gaming at up to 120fps, while the Xbox Series X offers true 4K gaming and comes with a disc drive. Both variants come with ray tracing support and Microsoft Smart Delivery feature.

Either way, there is no new information in the report that we don’t know now. But it’s interesting to hear Spencer and company talk about the Xbox Series journey.


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