Leaked footage of the new Xbox Elite controller


Xbox offers its users a wide selection of gaming equipment and accessories that they can buy. Usually gamers can’t influence how a custom console looks, for example, the custom Xbox Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had one design option because it was tied to the release of the game. However, Xbox allows you to make some settings. For example, using the Xbox Design Lab, players can create their own controllers by mixing and matching certain features.

In addition, with the advent of Xbox Elite controllers, fans have another customization option, since they can swap thumb sticks and add back petals to their accessory. The Xbox One Elite controller was launched with great success back in 2015, prompting Microsoft to introduce a new Xbox Elite 2 controller in 2021. Giving the new controller a smoother and cleaner look, as well as some interesting internal features, such as the secret RGB function, made the Xbox Elite 2 Controller a worthy successor to the 2015 accessory.

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Now it seems that Xbox can expand the range of Xbox Elite 2 controllers, as footage with a white version of the accessory has appeared on the network. Earlier in March, several images of the new Xbox Elite 2 controller were leaked, but this is the first time anyone has seen video evidence of the white design. The short video was posted online by YouTube user Nicholas Lugo and was discovered by Twitter user Rebs Gaming. The video lasts only about 90 seconds, but fans have enough time to take a good look at the proposed new controller.

The first thing Lugo’s video shows is a rather formal—looking box showing the design of the white version of the Xbox Elite 2 controller. Then, after opening the box and removing the plastic wrap, Lugo presents the new hardware, and again it seems official. However, this video and rumors about the white version of the Xbox Elite 2 should be taken with a grain of salt, since at the time of writing, Xbox has not confirmed anything.

However, it would make sense to introduce a white version of the Xbox Elite 2 controller soon. Back in 2018, Xbox announced a white version of the first Elite controller, which came with the Xbox Series X of the same color and Fallout 76. Fans’ reaction to Lugo’s video was also mostly positive, indicating demand for the white version of the controller. The Elite 2 controller. We hope that for fans who want to add this kit to their gaming equipment, Xbox will make an official announcement about it soon.


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