Leaked: check out the redesigned Tesla Model S interface


A person who had access to a test unit of the new Tesla Model S photographed, and released, what may be the first look at the new user interface of the restyled car for 2021. Showing what the software version 11 of the brand must be , there is still an indication that Tesla may use a 17-inch screen in multimedia, and the cluster of instruments would be similar to that of Cybertruck, in Model S.

The photos were published on Monday (22) by the indiscreet electric car fan u / FridayTheDog111 in the TeslaMotors group on Reddit. He said he photographed one of the two Model S test units that were traveling from Phoenix to Fremont, USA.

Last January, Tesla announced that updates to the Model S and X would bring new screens with different proportions and aspects. In the images, you can see some changes in the user interface when compared to the v10 software, which is from September 2019.

The images leaked on Reddit reveal a completely revamped user interface for the new screens of the Model S, but certainly some elements of the update will reach the current vehicles via over-the-air. The photo above shows a redesigned version of the quick controls screen, where you can see the new temperature control.

Another novelty of the Model S and Model X is the cluster of instruments that, due to the leaked image, will come much larger. The outside of the parked vehicle was not shown by the pourer, but the parking screen was, and it was also updated. See below.

In the revealed options, there is a Drag Strip mode, which can be related to the start control. There is also a Smart Shift, possibly a new Tesla feature for autopilot-like driving modes. Finally, there is a Media On Drive button to select media when driving.


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