Leak in China causing bacterial disease in person


Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that is usually contracted by coming into contact with animals that carry the brucella bacteria, and it can become a chronic condition over several years.

Well, a leak in a laboratory in China caused this dangerous bacterial disease in more than 3,000 people in the city of Lanzhou, who were exposed to the contaminated exhaust gases of a state biopharmaceutical plant.

According to a report by the AFP agency, the plant manufactured brucellosis vaccines for animals, but used an expired disinfectant in its production between July and August 2019, so its exhaust gases were contaminated with the bacteria.

When exposed to these gases, 3,245 people contracted brucellosis, a condition that can cause fever, fatigue, weight loss, glandular inflammation, and abdominal, back, head, joint and muscle pain.

The laboratory offered an apology for the events and its license to produce the drugs was revoked. Those affected will receive financial compensation from October.

Brucella is a bacterium that is usually present in the meat of cows, sheep and pigs, and that is not usually transmitted from human to human. Your symptoms can come and go for several years and may even reactivate after a long period. It is rare in the United States, where between 100 and 200 cases occur each year.

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