The leak about the Avengers 5 movie!


The Avengers Endgame movie disappointed many cinema lovers. Although the last movie did not end the way the audience expected, the Avengers 5 movie aroused curiosity in many.

Avengers 5 movie leaks on the agenda
The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has paused due to the corona virus outbreak. MCU Phase 4 is the name that the company gave to the period containing its new plans after the endgame movie. He had to postpone the Phase 4 movies and series to an uncertain date.

Marvel had to rebuild the universe it created after the Endgame movie. Due to the Phase 3 stage where many heroes and villains are killed, we will encounter new superheroes and villains.

Many moviegoers are looking forward to new films, but some rumors have emerged that the new movie will not be Avengers 5. The company has announced that the new Avengers movie will not be as comprehensive as Endgame.

Also, Thomas Polito from the Geeks WorldWide editorial team made a twit, stating that the screenwriters rolled up their sleeves for the Avengers 5 movie.

Avengers team will act together with superheroes such as X-Men and Fantastic Four in the new Phase 4 phase. Among the previously leaked information, the Avengers 5 movie is said to be about the youth of superheroes.


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