League Super Ball in Pokémon GO: Best Pokémon


Season 3 begins with new prizes in a calendar that has news and factors to consider. We review several tips. Start Season 3 of Pokémon GO in the GO Battle League.

The competitive scene of the Niantic video game faces its new season after the success of the second, a cycle that starts this Monday and will take place until next September. Let’s take a look at the full breakdown of dates, the Pokémon we recommend the most to take advantage of the competition and which attacks are most recommended.

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When does the Super Ball League start and when does it end?
GO Fighting League Season 3 of the Super Ball League (up to 1500 PC) kicked off last night, on July 27, at 22:00 (CEST). It will be until August 10 at 22:00 (CEST), when the Ultra Ball League will be opened with its Premier Cup. Next, on August 24, the Master Ball League will begin with its respective Cup, with no PC limit. Upon completion, all three leagues and the Premier Cup (no PC limit) will be available from Monday, September 7, 2020 at 10:00 PM CEST until Monday, September 14, 2020 at 10:00 PM EST. From that date Season 4 will begin.

One of the aspects to keep in mind is that this Season 3 does not require a compulsory distance to participate. The Season 3 GO Fighting League maintains the requirement to remotely combat good friendship. There is a novelty, however, and it is the Flying Cup, where only Flying-type Pokémon may participate; More details on their dates will be provided shortly.

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Best Pokemon for the Pokémon GO Super Ball League (Season 3)
Leads (first attackers)

  • Skarmory with Steel Wing and Glow Spotlight
  • Deoxys (Defense) with Zen Header and Psycho Attack
  • Altaria with Peck and Dragon Pulse

Closers (Pokémon recommended for when we have no shields; they hold up well loaded blows)

  • Azumarill with Bubble and Hydropump
  • Venusaur with Sharp Blade and Sunbeam / Floral Storm
  • Umbreon with Scream and Shadow Pulse
  • Lucario with Counterattack and A Bocajarro

Attackers (ideal attackers to placate rivals who do have a shield)

  • Bastiodon with Anti-Aircraft and Glow Focus
  • Medicham with Counterattack and Dynamic Fist
  • Swampert with Water Gun and Earthquake

Defenders (Pokémon recommended as a defense when we do have shields)

  • Lanturn with Lightning Bolt and Hydropump / Thunder
  • Forretress with Stoicism and Heavy Body
  • Vigoroth with Scratch and Body Strike
  • Registeel with Metal Claw and Glow Spotlight


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