League of Legends Worlds: Champions in the final?


As the League of Legends final was played out a few days ago, everyone wonders which champions have been played

Despite the Covid-19, the League of Legends worlds have indeed taken place. Enough to give a little balm to the hearts of all video game enthusiasts, especially one of the most famous MOBAs in the world. Besides, which champions were played in this final?


Indeed, all fans of the game look at the best to know their techniques but also, and above all, to know which heroes they are playing. On this point, the media Troyes Obs enlightened us.

First, we must welcome the fact that China wanted to maintain the event. Indeed, it is one of the biggest events in gaming. Well, if some thought that the League of Legends competition was going to be played behind closed doors, they were wrong.

Because nearly 6,000 people were able to attend the final between DamWon and Suning. Besides, we refrain from revealing to you the result of the match which turned out to be rather tight. The fact that so many people can attend this final remains a feat and a great achievement for the organizers.

What to give ideas for future other events. Whether it’s League of Legends or whatever.


Without revealing the final result to you, once again, we will try to guide you on the heroes who could have been played during the evening. Know that the choice was probably going to be between 3 champions: Jhin, Orianna and Shen.

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These, being none other than the most played heroes of recent League of Legends games. Jhin being the champion with the highest 68.4% win rate in 38 games. Orianna is following him closely as she has a 66.7% win rate in 33 games.

Finally, Shen boasts a win rate of 66.7%, but he has only played 12 games. By giving you these indications, you can already get an idea whether these heroes were being chosen or not.

Another thing to consider is that they may have been banned before the start of the League of Legends Finals game. If so, the players had to choose other heroes.


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