League of Legends World Championship will begin


Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent has announced that the 2020 leg of the World Championship, the biggest tournament of League of Legends, will begin next September. It is not yet known whether the audience will take part in the tournament, which will be held with the participation of teams from all over the world.

Many eSports tournaments this year have been postponed or canceled altogether due to a coronavirus outbreak. One of the biggest tournaments postponed due to the virus was the International 2020 event of Dota 2’s prize pool, which is expected to exceed $ 40 million. Valve, the developer and publisher of the game, stated in a statement that the tournament will not be held before 2021.

Riot Games, Valve’s biggest competitor in the MOBA industry, is not planning to postpone the popular championship of the popular game League of Legends. Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent, who has published an announcement today, announced that every stage of the 2020 World Championship will be held in Shanghai, following health and safety measures.

The League of Legends World Championship 2020 will be held in Shanghai from September 25 to October 31:

The League of Legends World Championship, held with the participation of teams from all over the world, is also the title of being the biggest tournament of League of Legends. The event, which was organized for the first time in 2011, will start on September 25 this year in Shanghai, China. The tournament, which will last more than a month, is scheduled to end on October 31.

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The company plans to avoid the audience at the stage of the tournament at this stage. However, it will be decided according to the “local guidelines” whether the finals will be played with the audience. CEO Nicola Laurent said the following in a statement on the subject:

“We continue to use the guidance of various health institutions and national authorities to ensure the safety of our players, fans and everyone who will be with us in our 2020 World Championship.”

Riot did not elaborate on what measures to take to protect players from the World Championship 2020. In the following days, it is expected to share a more detailed information letter and instruction on the subject.


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