League Of Legends Will Not Have /All Chat Indefinitely


League Of Legends: Perhaps taking some of its community members by surprise, Riot Games announced last Tuesday (12) that it will disable League of Legends /all chat as of update 11.21 indefinitely.

“Despite being a source of fun social interaction between teams (which can result in friendly banter), lately negative interactions have outnumbered positive ones in this type of chat. We will assess the impact of this change through penalty rates and reports of verbal abuse, as well as community surveys and feedback”, informed the production team in a message posted on the game’s official website.

Despite the removal of the chat feature, there was mention that enemies will still see and hear emotes and masters (unless muted) as well as Champions interactions. Another point is that the interaction between players in the chat at the end of the game will still be available between teams, and there will be no change in the team chat between allies.


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