League of Legends: Wild Rift arrives in Brazil on March 29


Finally! Riot Games announced, on Tuesday (09), that the beta of League of Legends: Wild Rift arrives in Brazil on March 29. Pre-registration is already open to players. Check the link below.

Last Monday (08), the product manager for Wild Rift in Brazil, Tomás “Bad” Macul, explained that the development team took “much longer than planned” to launch the title here because of some challenges.

The structure of servers in the Americas will be totally different from other places, so it will not be possible to play with people from countries outside the continent. Even so, he guaranteed that the experience will be “practically the same”.

“The second challenge we faced was people using VPNs, to get into the game before the official launch. Let’s face it, VPNs have made everything complicated. It is not at all easy to have a good overview of match management and latency problems globally when a lot of people are doing routing, ”he argued.

The product manager also pointed out that whoever was using VPN to access the game before the official launch will have to start from scratch. The user will be asked to transfer their account to the Americas server, if they have an account elsewhere, and all pre-existing content will be removed. That is, the player will start again from level 1.

“We know that this is very boring and we are sorry for those who took the time to discover alternatives because they really wanted to play,” he said.


As a reward, players will have back, for example, all the wild colors that were previously purchased. Events will also be held that will give you the chance to win, champions, experience and items given in previous opportunities. Players will also earn rewards for playing time in League of Legends on PC.

LoL: Wild Rift is available for Android and iOS smartphones and will be released for consoles in the future. And you, have you registered to play the beta of the title officially from March 29? Looking forward to checking out the LoL mobile version? Tell us in the comments section below!


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