League Of Legends Vs Toxicity: Riot Will Disable Chat Between Teams


League Of Legends: Riot Games wants to end toxic behaviors in LoL and will take this action on the occasion of the new patch 11.21. It will be temporary. Riot Games will disable team chat in League of Legends paired queues with the arrival of Patch 11.21. The Californian study has explained this measure in an official blog post, which seeks to end toxic behaviors in the popular multiplayer video game; whose nature implies communication between players.

This deactivation of / all chat will be temporary, one of the many measures they are trying to incorporate in League of Legends so that toxicity is eradicated as much as possible. In a couple of weeks they will do a process of collecting comments and feedback from the players to know if this action has taken effect and in what way. The final decision will be announced after evaluating this first test with the chat between teams disabled.

Chat between teams in paired queues, disabled from LoL with patch 11.21

“We are developing a number of changes to address this on a systemic level, both in LoL and for Riot in general. However, a change that you will experience soon is that, in version 11.21, we will deactivate the chat between teams of the paired queues ”, begin by saying Andrei van Roon, director of League of Legends, and Jeremy Lee, head of production of game experience

“Although this chat can bring with it fun social interactions between teams and chats without bad intentions, right now the negative interactions outweigh the positive ones. We will analyze the impact of this change through the reports of verbal abuse and penalty indices ”, added to surveys and the direct feedback that will be reported.


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