League of Legends, Valorant, TFT And More Are Coming To The Epic Games Store


League of Legends: Riot Games titles are released on the client and LoL stars in a collaboration with Fortnite, Epic’s hit battle royale. Riot Games and Epic Games have formalized an important collaboration agreement, which translates into the arrival of the great video games of the North American company. In a statement published on the Epic website, the publisher has reported that League of Legends, TeamFight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant are now available on the Epic Games Store.

It should be noted that players will be able to use their accounts and move their friends list without any problem, since the new Riot client has been running since the beginning of this month.

“Riot Games is one of the best developers in the world, creators of revolutionary entertainment sagas,” said Steve Allison, vice president and general manager of the Epic Games Store. “We are excited that they have chosen us as a partner to bring their titles to millions of new players through the Epic Games Store.”

A celebration in Fortnite

To celebrate the collaboration between Riot and Epic, a well-known face from League of Legends will make an appearance in Fortnite, this popular multiplayer battle royale. Arcane’s Jinx will be a playable character beyond LoL and Riot games, a fact that occurs for the first time since the launch of the video game. It appears from this same November 4.

In addition to the Jinx Arcane costume, the character will come with some cosmetic items, available in the store. Players will be able to get the Mono Backpacking Accessory with Cymbals from Jinx, the Pium Pium Crush Pickaxe, or the Playground theme music from the original Arcane soundtrack. There will also be two exclusive loading themes, Wreaking Havoc and Boom!

“Fortnite has executed high-profile collaborations and entertainment experiences while remaining committed to providing players with content that enriches their experience both in-game and off-game, a dedication we share and admire,” said Riot’s Brandon Miao. Games. “We hope fans enjoy Jinx, one of League of Legends‘ most iconic champions.”