League of Legends: Tyler1 claims to be the “best player”!


Some people are pretty conceited … A fanatic League of Legends streamer even claims to be the best player of all time!

The best is undoubtedly him! Finally, that remains to be proven. That said, a certain Tyler1 claims to be the best player in League of Legends. Truthful?
In League of Legends, there are then several categories of players. The one Tyler1 is good at is the jungle.

Jungler at heart, so he claims to be number 1! Yet the streamer has also proven himself as an ADC before.

After long and hard hours of playing, he then reaps the fruits of his hard work. He is proud of it and therefore does not hesitate to show it to his community.

With a crazy fanbase on Twitch, which counts in the millions of followers, Tyler1 managed to grab the top spot. So here he is at the top level.

Getting to the top of the league in League of Legends is no small feat. However, our champion made this bet in 16 hours of live!


Indeed, this emeritus player of League of Legends had been robbed of his place in the diamond rank. He who was Gold 1 last September is now Diamond 1!

Out of 24 games, Tyler1 lost just two, before finally wielding his precious sesame. LoL players must hate him already!

Especially its predecessor, moved to 2nd position. Regardless, our streamer chanted to be “the best fucking player alive.”

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A great feat, a great step forward and a great start for this seasoned player, who may have taken the bowler. League of Legends junglers face a formidable opponent.

Will they be able to meet the challenge, as LoL season 10 comes to an end? Not sure they’ll be able to place themselves “best player” anytime soon!


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