League Of Legends: the most difficult characters to play, rating


This is not the first article written about the complexity of the game for League of Legends champions, and certainly not the last. Besides the fact that there are many enthusiastic researchers in the community, the large pool of champions in the game means there will be less consensus compared to other MOBAs with fewer choices. And it doesn’t help that almost every list is deeply separated from other lists and usually causes a lot of hostility in the comment sections.

So why write another list? It’s just that there was no such list before. Most players approach this from a very high-level perspective and wonder which champions are the hardest to play for, based on their experience of bringing certain characters to bloody arenas. But for regular and new players in League of Legends, the question is not which champions are the hardest to climb the corporate ladder, but which champions are the hardest to even work with competently?

Updated by Hody Jones on September 8, 2022: League of Legends has more than proved that it can stand the test of time, and the main reason for this is a huge list of champions. The game provides many options for all styles of play, but some champions are undoubtedly more difficult to play than others. The LoL meta is also constantly evolving, so there’s always a reason to stay connected to MOBA development. This article has been updated: heroes have been added, others have been removed, and ratings have been changed to keep up with the latest patches after viewing the latest win-loss ratios and discussing with the community.

18 Katarina

Katarina is already one of the most difficult heroes, and if the developers manage to slow down the gameplay, it will be difficult to play for her, and she will not be worth the time spent. She is fast and can throw daggers everywhere. In veterans, the combat loop looks smooth as butter.

But what she has to do is everything but smoothness. Tossing and picking up her daggers, players will have to make some extraneous movements, from time to time allowing their targets to escape or fight back against her. Experts have to decide whether to take a dagger or not, and this answer varies greatly depending on the situation.

17 Riven

The big problem for Riven is that, based on professional usage, she is almost always chosen as a counter to Vladimir. And, to be honest, she completely destroys him, which makes her a natural choice when Vladimir fixes the choice of a hero for the opposing team.

However, choosing an entire hero to face one player is not that interesting, and good supports will negate this advantage with a vision that allows you to follow Riven. She has a few moves with movement that help, but she depends on a combination of abilities and attack damage, which is a difficult task that even veterans don’t like to try.

16 Irelia

At first glance, Irelia doesn’t seem so bad to play with. She has a charging attack that can be difficult to hit, and her ultimate requires some talent, but it’s not something a long-time gamer would give up.

Her disadvantage is that she has two moves that basically require other enemies to be around for her to succeed. So she’s dangerous in an alley or in a group, but find her alone and she’ll become mincemeat. This leads to her being killed a lot, and it’s more than just a small pile of broken gaming keyboards.

15 Calista

Usually, extra movement is a sure way to create a strong character, but Calista is a rare exception. After many years of practice, high-level players can use all her fancy tricks.

However, for an average player, she has too many attacks that require an accurate vector and precise timing. Moderate players easily evade most of her attacks, unless they help her. As a solo player in a team game, Calista is one of the worst options.

14 Kog’mau

When teams develop strategies, figuring out who goes to the mid, who goes to the forest, and who goes to the bottom line, few people know what to do with Kog’Maw. This is a typical experience for characters designed to be worn, but when’Mau is a special case.

He must use skill techniques between his auto-attacks, which almost completely limits his functionality to standard attacks. With minimal utility, winning with Kog’Maw requires players to refuse to participate in group battles until the very late stage of the game.

13 Trash

Nothing comes easy to poor Trash. Everyone is used to making beginner’s mistakes when playing the game for the first time, but Trash is a champion who makes every action much more difficult. All of his movements require skills to land and activate.

In addition, his mana supply is very small, and he is expected to maintain rather than farm the necessary items. By the time the late game arrives and he is finally ready, group fights prevail.


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