League of Legends: Red Bull Solo Q, qualifying dates


On September 12 and 19, the last online qualifiers will take place, which will give access to the great National Final of League of Legends in Spain.

The League of Legends Red Bull Solo Q qualifying rounds are drawing to a close. An atypical year that has precipitated extraordinary measures has not prevented what is one of the largest annual competitive LoL meetings internationally from completing its programming of events for the National Final in Spain. We already have seven classified; now it’s time to know the result of the last two online qualifiers to find out who the other nine are.

16 players will play the great National Final in Madrid

As they have advanced through a statement, these two new rounds will be held on September 12 and 19, at which time a place will be played for said grand final. These rounds are part of those already held in July, where three participants qualified for the grand National Final. The other four qualifiers, who so far give a total of seven contenders, earned their place on 5 September.

The Top-4 of the days of September 12 and the other Top-4, scheduled for September 19, will go directly to the Grand Final. Who will the last available places fall for?

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