League of Legends Player Arrested in Cybercafe in China


League of Legends: An information released by Chinese website Baijiahao (and translated by Kotaku website) last week revealed that a high-ranking League of Legends player was arrested at an Internet cafe in Chongqing City, shortly after his name was announced over the speakers of establishment (something that is quite common there).

This was because there was an off-duty police at the scene who thought the player was too much like a suspect, and decided to check more closely to see if his intuitions were really correct. A short time later, he ended up confirming the data after sending a photo of the suspect to the local force’s search system and calling some agents who were working in the vicinity to make the arrest.

In case you’re curious, the video below shows how the action went:


Did you find the case curious? It is noteworthy that, so far, the reason for the arrest of the player who was having fun at the cybercafé has not been disclosed.


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