League of Legends, patch 11.6; changes


We tell you all the changes and news that come to League of Legends with patch 11.6, now available to adjust various champions and more of the game.

League of Legends continues to receive weekly updates with the aim of adding improvements, changes and new additions to the successful MOBA from Riot Games. This time it’s Patch 11.6, a version focused on XinZhao’s rework, but he’s not the only champion to have received changes. Below we will tell you everything in detail as we did a few days ago with the previous version, 1.5, which arrived to start with this month of March with various news and adjustments, something already common since the launch of the game so many years ago.

Champion changes

Akali: Her base health is reduced to 500, but her health growth increases to 105. Her passive no longer restores energy, her Q no longer deals additional damage at level 5, her W increases by 80 the maximum energy of the ninja, increases the total damage of his E (100 / 187.5 / 275 / 362.5 / 450 (+85% AD) (+120% AP)) by taking the first hit by 30% and the second by 70 %, and his R now deals magic damage (80/220/360 (+ 50% bonus AD) (+ 30% AP)).
Gnar: W’s base damage reduced to 0/10/20/30/40.
Hecarim: Q base damage reduced to 60/97/134/171/208.
Karthus: Q base damage reduced to 45 / 62.5 / 80 / 97.5 / 115 (90/125/160/195/230).
LeBlanc: W cost reduced to 60/70/80/90/100 mana.
Lillia: R’s cooldown increased to 150/130/110 seconds.
Pyke: E cooldown reduced to 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.
Renekton: R bonus health reduced to 250/400/550.
Sylas – Passive Attack Speed ​​increased to 125% and his W now has a cooldown of 13 / 11.25 / 9.5 / 7.75 / 6 seconds, cost 60/70/80/90 / 100 mana and 45% AP heal ratio.
Urgot: W’s damage effectiveness reduced to 50%.
Volibear: W’s heal is no longer halved with jungle monsters and E has a flat damage of 750 at all ranks.

XinZhao’s rework

XinZhao is the iconic champion of this patch because he has received the most changes. We detail them below:

His passive: now has a 7-92 heal and correctly consumes the stacks of Passive – Determination after attacking an enemy shortly after casting W – The wind turns into lightning.
His Q: Now has an additional base damage of 16/25/34/43/52.
His W: now has a 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 cooldown, 60 mana cost, damage against minions is 50-0%, the slash cast time becomes of 0.5 seconds and the range of the lunge and the speed of his projectile become 1000 and 6250 respectively. Additionally, Lunge damage is now increased by up to 33% based on critical hit chance and challenges enemy champions and monsters and reveals them for 3 seconds.
His E: now has a launch range of 1,100 against challenged enemies.
PH adjustments: His passive becomes 55%, his W 50% and his R 100% AD and 110% AP.


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