League of Legends, patch 10.23; changes


The Riot Games title is updated with many new features in a huge update that includes balance changes and much more.

League of Legends preseason is here! The Riot Games title has released the LOL 10.23 patch notes, which includes updates to the store, item changes, a new set of mythical items and many more news. This is a very extensive update, whereby the various champions are also balanced. “A big goal of this update is to make the system much more intuitive for all players (new and old),” explain the North Americans.

The new item store has been designed with the intention of making the recommended item offering clear and data-driven. Therefore, they have improved the view of each of these items. They also wanted to keep the ability to use item sets, as well as update the visuals of it.

Here’s the full patch notes.

Mythical objects

Mythic items make up the new top tier and will become the cornerstone of your build. They provide very interesting characteristics that will define your style of play in each game. You can only have one, so your mythic item selection (and corresponding effects) will largely depend on your opponents and the state of the game. The mythical item you buy will influence the rest of your build, both in the items you want to buy later to complete it and by the mythic passive that gives additional stats to the rest of the complete items (now called legendary items). Mythic item effects are often the most complex and greatly affect your play style.

Even with the addition of a new level of items, our goal is not to increase the power level of items in general. Mythic items make the first pick more powerful than in the past, but we are borrowing that strength from the other items to keep the overall power of the build at a relatively similar level.

  • LIKE A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER Mythic items are unique and you can only own one.
  • MYTHICAL PASSIVE Each mythical item has a passive that grants additional stats for legendary items.
  • BRIGHT NEW Mythic item icons in the shop and in the UI feature animations!


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